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Dustin Getz
CEO Hyperfiddle, Clojurist
Philadelphia & San Francisco
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Hi, I'm Dustin Getz

I am a career programmer turned entrepreneur. My areas of interest are: Data Economies, Data Silos, APIs, Graph data, GraphQL (is broken), Low-code, Semantic Web.
In the long run, all companies are software companies and all knowledge workers are developers. We think Clojure is the simplest possible way to program, that is not too simple. Clojure has profound implications in solving each of the above problem areas in one fell swoop. That's why I'm making Hyperfiddle with Karl Hardenstine to help bring Clojure's way of programming to many more people.
Before Hyperfiddle, I was an independent software consultant specializing in application development with emerging technologies. I attended Recurse Center in 2012 where I studied emerging programming languages and databases. Prior to that, I worked in 3D game programming, Win32 ActiveX controls, and many web applications. I have a BA in Computer Engineering from Villanova University where I studied graduate-level digital signal processing and graduated first in my class.
I'm a volunteer advisor to Radical Decency, a game-theoretic strategy to bring values back into business decision making. I like running, achieving, and helping others achieve. Let me know how I can help you.
My favorite quotes I'd like to share with you: