Hi, I'm Dustin Getz

  • Hyperfiddle co-founder
  • Professionally, I practice Datomic, Clojure, React.js, and distributed systems.
  • Personally, I also enjoy to study economics, history and religion.

Consulting 2018

Consulting landing page, if you'd like to hire me.

Hyperfiddle 2018

a Datomic IDE, extensible with Clojure. My partner Karl Hardenstine and I built this together. It is the capstone of a decade of research. dustingetz.com is made in Hyperfiddle, try pressing C-`

ClojureNYC: Datomic vs failures of REST, Hypermedia and ORM 2017

Slides from ClojureNYC. These failures are the bane of our industry; we fight their consequences every day, yet nobody can pinpoint at exactly what is failing, or why, or it's mechanism. To defeat the devil, you must first learn to see him. Here is my attempt. The devil's name is mutability and his lair is the database.

Interview: We ♥ Pair Programming 2017

This is an interview with Daniel Miladinov and Steve Shogren about pair programming.

Personal blog 2018

"Progress and barbarism go hand in hand, unless material civilization be reinforced by spiritual conduct" — Abdu’l-Bahá