Dustin calls the fall of the USA, a short story (political fiction)

2020 Trump loses because he didn't do anything for the middle class after all; the same people who elected Trump now elect a Bernie Sanders who promises to fix the problem by socializing everything. He actually does it and pays for the welfare with unprecedented levels of debt. But China and Russia don't want to buy treasury bonds anymore. 2022 US Dollar falls to <20% of global reserves. This means USA can't fund the budget with debt like we have since 1941. Bernie2 forced to use inflation without fully comprehending what that means. US Dollar devalues further, domestically this time (it was only devalued in treasury markets before). This impacts US Military funding. In an attempt to get more countries to use dollars and thus halt the devaluation, USA increases military spending even further with more inflation. Russia and China sense their opportunity. War is never declared and no nukes are launched, RussiaChina just has to wait us out because the war is funded with inflation this time, at the cost of the domestic economy which grinds to a halt. Congress now declares war, wartime tax rate bumped to 90%. California Tech Titans say lol nope, CA needs USA less than USA needs CA, CA secedes and USA sends in the army, now we in a civil war and cold war simultaneously. The humans that comprise the army refuse to fight because their friends and family live in CA. CA successfully secedes and lifts sanctions to Russia and restores full trade with Russia, CA economy is now great and CA middle class gets rich. Tech is now lost from USA economy and the rest of USA is now thrown into a proper Great Depression. More states want to secede but they aren't strong enough on their own to actually do it. Countries in a depression don't win wars; RussiaChina now can do whatever they want. USA loses all advanced hacking capabilities (CA has those now). Saudi Arabia secedes from alliance with the USA, and oil is now traded in Chinese cryptocurrency instead of dollars. Oil price in dollars skyrockets and USA has to actually buy foreign currency reserves to then buy oil, so in effect we have to pay twice. RussiaChina are thrilled to impose trade sanctions on US for once, instead of having to eat US sanctions for last 30 years. Price of chinese imports skyrocket. Mass migration of workers from western states to CA, who welcomes them and lets them farm weed. This is just the beginning.