Hyperfiddle's Data Gravity


Here is xray vision into dustingetz.com, which integrates two data sources. Blue is dustingetz.com database. Green is a third party user database. dustingetz.com's queries join across them securely. A 2017-era api cannot do efficient database joins across third party APIs.
  • Hyperfiddle does cross-database queries. Blue and Green are distinct databases
Hyperfiddle lets you do cross-database queries against any third party database in the Hyperfiddle network.

In 2017 you do this with APIs

Each API is different from the others, like a snowflake (or rather a turd). Each API is programmed differently, with different technology choices, different databases, and no way to do sophisticated queries across multiple systems. You have to copy the data out of one system and into your own system in order to query it. In 2017, to integrate with external systems, you need to coordinate teams across different organizations, buracracy quickly becomes the dominant cost. This is why Healthcare.gov cost a billion dollars.
All Hyperfiddles have the same structure. They have the same API and the same type of database, Datomic. Datomic is a very special database. Datomic can merge several databases together and query them at the same time, as one. This is why fiddles can do cross database queries against any other fiddle.
Mashing up third party data in Hyperfiddle has zero coordination cost, like adding a website to the world wide web has zero coordination cost. You don't ask for permission, you just do it. Hyperfiddle bypasses beauracracy.

Mashups have gravity

When I built dustingetz.com, I knew I needed to integrate with data from the green user database, because it is the source of truth for my name and photo. That green data is already in Hyperfiddle, so if I want to query against it, I need to put the blue data into Hyperfiddle too. The blue data also has to be in hyperfiddle because the whole point of using hyperfiddle in the first place is to efficiently join against green. Gravity.
Our growth depends on how Easy the mashups are and how strong the Gravity is. For example Facebook's api has huge gravity that attracts thousands of other apps. Facebook's gravity scales with the number of people in the social graph. Hyperfiddle's gravity scales with the amount of total data across all apps connected to it. Hyperfiddle is a black hole sucking in all these apps and increasing its datamass with each one. When compounding interest even a small initial principle, given enough time has vast returns, and Hyperfiddle's interest rate scales with data and grows forever, which is much stronger than Facebook's interest rate which scales with number of users a finite number.
Hyperfiddle crowdsources the semantic web.