Legacy – Hyperfiddle Showcase Q2 2018

This is from 2018'Q1, almost entirely obselete but it's the best video I have right now. At the time it took about 2-3 man-weeks for 25 screens? Probably about a day now, I should time it.
We consider markdown idiomatic for fast prototypes because we find it much faster than writing HTML views. Dashboards are about communicating information and HTML is too low level an abstraction for that, especially when your first pass is about getting the database results right. Note we do use little ClojureScript expressions to influence rendering.
Hyperfiddlin' the docs app with markdown and a database. No Clojure code to be found! (That's a lie, the sidebar has a little recursive reagent renderer)
This is pretty much what hyperfiddlin' feels like, here I am live migrating my beta database. The clojurescript in the middle is building up a datomic transaction, which I copy/paste into the staging area to try out. 2018'Q2