Legacy – Hyperfiddle landing page from July 2018

A web framework that is different
Hyperfiddle is a re-think of what web programming could be like with Clojure everywhere and Datomic at the center. We think this combination has disruptive potential to do things fundamentally simpler than the way we do things today. The end result is a web framework which is maximally data-driven to, we think, an unprecedented extent.
Hyperfiddle lets programmers without web experience make web dashboards (full-stack and API), because Hyperfiddle handles the hard part: data-sync. There is no “backend” or “frontend”, only logic: portable, functional, data-oriented, simple and easy. A smart child can program like this.
Hyperfiddle has innovative properties that derive from:
Hyperfiddle dances dangerously close to past failures to abstract data sync — for example the failures of ORM, “the Vietnam of computer science” — but as you can see, those failures pre-date Datomic.

Connect to a Datomic URI

and start making fiddles in real time. How quickly can you think Datomic?

Interactive query explorer

Fiddle with queries in the live app. Live schema editor too!

Experiment fearlessly

Datomic's git-like staging area lets you revert when you make mistakes.

Progressive enhancement

Convention over configuration. Low-code at the start, gracefully scale into proper software later.

Designer friendly

Views are as simple as possible, just Reagent/React and CSS.

No frontend/backend dichotomy

No HTTP requests and headers, routing, cookies, services, database access, ORM, SPAs, PWAs, DOM, SSR, XHR, CDN, etc.

Fiddles are real software

Fiddles are secure multi-user CLJC applications and can do anything real software can do.

Invisible data sync with immutability

If React.js is managed DOM, Hyperfiddle is managed database and network.

Doesn't break the web

Links work, tabs work, back button works.