Notes, journal, etc – mostly incomplete and unfinished

This is mostly for myself and for things I like to link to.

Values mismatch 2017

All flamewars stem from a values conflict. Any flamewar, no matter what the flamewar, take a step back and ask yourself what your values are and what your opponent’s values are.

Notes on Web VR, from 2016 Spring 2016

I've done some VR tinkering. Here are my notes dated 2016 April 2, which may be out of date now, and are totally my opinion.

On big startup ideas 2017

"the real huge story of the decade was the WWW, which was really unimpressive when it first came out ... The WWW overshadowed everything else because the problem it was solving - which many people didn't know they had - was more universal"

Urbit—a reboot of computing and governance for a future digital world 2017

Urbit is highly relevant to Hyperfiddle, in part due to Urbit's ideas about how power—over our data—should be distributed and allocated in a future digital era. Today, of course, "evilcorp has your data and offers filtered access via a UI". Urbit is an experimental plan to invert the balance.

Martian code 2013

"Not enormous and horrible - tiny and diamond-perfect... it is perfectly stable and never changes or decays. It neither is a big ball of mud, nor tends to become one."

Bahá'i study 2017

I am a Bahá'i. The Bahá'i Faith's mission is to transition to a new era based on unity and equality, fusion of nations into one, to usher an era of great peace.

Attrition is a group statistic, it doesn't apply to me 2017

"He was about to attend a high attrition special forces course. He explained that statistics are created for groups, not for individuals. As an individual, it's not relevant to you. He went on to pass the course on a broken ankle."

History of world religions 2017

History of major world religions, interleaved with ancient history. This was supposed to be research into world religions, but it turns out to understand that you have to also understand the political and economic things happening.

Notes about being a CEO and founding a company 2017

Notes and quotes about being a leader

Business cycles and disruption 2017

Companies' have achilles heels. They are built into the way they think in the era when it was started, when it was agile and fit in the mind of one person, before it got big and cumbersome, impossible to steer, profit-magnetized and impossible to even think longer term than a quarter. This business cycle is inherent to our laws and culture, it happens to all companies eventually.

Notes on Keynes - Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren 2017

In 1930 Keynes writes that benefits of economies of scale will trickle down to everyone, so we should embrace greed and envy for 100 years at which point economic necessity will be solved and we can transition to a moral society.

Mythical Man Month implies long hours = more productivity 2016

It follows from "adding manpower to a late software project makes it later" that we need to add hours, not people.

Abstractions, dependencies, and complexity 2016

"It can decrease complexity for a while and then in the long run increase complexity"

Strange Loop: Monads for Normal People 2012

My first major talk, it atempts to demonstrate Why Monads without getting lost in the implementation.

Pair programming, from a human perspective 2017

Thoughts on pair programming. I think pairing has superhuman benefits but also significant human costs.

How to get good fast 2016

"I like the idea of applying less time, but more strenuous effort, towards programming, but how does someone do this?"

Making code more like data 2017

Code-as-data is about macros, right? Code that manipulates code. But, code-as-data can also be about interpreters. Code can execute in many contexts. The most common example is asynchronous vs sync. Can we write the code once, swap in interchangeable interpreters, to control at runtime if the code will evaluate async or sync? And why would you ever want to do that?

Tether 2018

MacroVoices 3/5 2018

"Anatomy of the U.S. Dollar End Game" by Macro Voices podcast is astoundingly good. These hedge fund managers are explaining the geopolitical chess board in amazing clarity, it has tied together all the wars, the source of USA wealth, the role of the military, the impact on other countries including Russia and China, the proxy war in Syria, the global financial crisis in 2007, the seeds of the next bigger one, the the gradual weakening of the dollar, shifting balance of power and ultimately the fall of the USA, and the available moves on the chess board for other superpowers to capitalize on this shift. In astounding clarity. Never have I studied a more articulate source. I cannot recommend these guys enough.

Notes on "The React Story" Pete Hunt interview 2017

Pete Hunt interviewed about React's origin story, interesting bits about how everyone hated it at first.